Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Dear Blogger, Will you let me post pictures and label them today?

Dear Blogger,
    In haven't written a blog post in nearly forever, and You are the reason. When last I tried, and tried and tried, you would not let me post pictures -or- would not let me label them -or- would not let me write text, and I really wanted to do all three things.
   I am boldly trying again.

Here is Strawberry Girl.  From the fabric I'm guessing the original doll was made in the 1940's.  Apart from the nestlings/fingerlings she's the smallest doll I've embroidered so far.  Cheerfully odd facial expression and wee velvet boots.  I made her for my friend Yuko Okumura, who has a great passion for strawberries, the actual fruit and nearly anything made of or with or in the shape of strawberries.  

This is the current doll in progress. I'm stitching her embellishments in shades of gold and light brown to coordinate with the irremovable splotch on her face which seems to be ancient nail polish.  We all collect a few battle scars as we go through life, and it is no different for the doll folk.   Some little darling most likely felt Very Sorry about getting mum's nail polish on dolly's face. I wonder if she spent time in a corner thinking over what she'd done?  At any rate this little one is no less sweet for having had some adventures in her life.

Well now, that seemed to go nicely, but I don't know how to get back to regular sized text. Sigh.  I'm much more artistic than technological I'm afraid.  I shall proceed in caption sized text as I've sworn not to give up easily!

I have missed having a blissful life of mostly stitching, studying and blogging.  In April I went from working part time (which was lovely) to working a full 40 hours a week.  This brings me more money, and medical benefits, but gosh! It hogs up five days of my life Every Week. Since I haven't been going-to-a doctor sick in a dozen years the idea that I'm getting medical benefits by working full time loses a lot of the thrill it's meant to have.  I think I'd prefer to have that other 16 hours a week back, but the company doesn't allow people to un-promote themselves.

  Since my job doesn't require much use of my brain I spend my mental energy on the job thinking about other things.  Mostly contemplating my amazing kids and planning out my future projects.
   I'm frankly looking forward very much to retirement, when I can once again spend my hours on things I care about rather than just, as my daddy used to say, "Chasing the Almighty Dollar".
Not that I don't like dollars, I do like them a whole lot, they're useful for all sorts of good things.
Anyway, sufficient unto this day is the whining thereof.  I've got a cozy loft to stitch in, lots of dollies to embroider, socks to knit, pets to pet, and half of a day off left in which to do all of the aforementioned. With these I shall be content.



  1. Ah, such beautiful dollies! I'm glad to see you writing again, technical difficulties be damned!

    Your daddy chased enough Almighty Dollars to raise two children and plan for his wife's future. She was lucky for that, and we will probably be in a different situation. Bodies tend to get more expensive over time, not less so. Your past life seems "blissful" largely because it's in the past--- you had 90% of the same complaints back then, and more time in a day to be frustrated by them. Ha!

  2. True. So true. Although come to think of it I'd rather have these pesky complaints than get a fresh batch of worse ones. At least these are annoying rather than agonizing.


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