Sunday, January 12, 2014

NEW LEAF 2014 -or- THE ARTIST'S WAY Ahem. for reasons I cannot fathom, Blogger will let me write in the title box (obviously) but will not let me move the cursor down to write in the text box. It let me post 4 pictures, but will only let me caption two of them. I cannot wait to see what, if anything, will actually be published. Here goes!

A bit of a change from her gingham dressed original form.

This little lady looks a bit angsty to me.  She had a nice house and a pretty blue car, you would think this would make her happy.

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  1. Hi Rapunzel,

    popped over to check out your blog, saw your comment on Pen's blog and wanted to thank you for you support for my sister's cancer story.

    Are you located by Bloomington, we live just a little NE of Fort Wayne :)

    I am ready for spring :)


  2. Eight months later Rapunzel returns to her neglected blog and finds Bean, whom she has often seen over at Pen's. (heaves great Sigh of duh for blog neglection.)

    Yes, I'm practically in Bloomington. In the forest halfway between there and Martinsville actually, but we work in Bloomington. Hope you enjoyed Spring and are ready for Fall ; )


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