Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Indiana Weather.

       As far back as I can remember people have said of Indiana weather : If you don't like the weather here wait a few minutes. It will change.

    Typically Indiana winters involve a rotation of snowy days with blinding sunshine, ice storms, blizzards with knee deep snow so that schools and businesses are forced to close and roads are impassible, balmy overcast days where coats are not needed and occasional summery days where the temperatures climb well into the 70's and we all bring out our summer shorts and tank tops.

    Last week this was the view out the bathroom window:

Pretty little deer looking for something to nibble.

Two days ago the snow and ice were gone and the livestock came out to browse on the lawn.

   Last night we had a roaring thunderstorm. Well after midnight the tornado sirens began to sound. I got an emergency text message from Indiana University (my workplace) saying  there was indeed a tornado, and that we should all go immediately to the lowest floor of our building away from windows to wait it out.
     As I was at home, twelve miles from town, I waited it out in bed in the loft with two dogs and a cat (all blissfully asleep) my hand sewing, and a documentary on Netflix. In other words I kept doing exactly what I was doing before the storm. I was not brought up to be particularly fearful of storms. The family opinion where "dangerous"weather is concerned has always been: Usually the weather does not kill you, and if perchance it does, well, today is a good day to die. We were going to sooner or later anyway.

   It has often puzzled me that so many people who claim to just adore God and really long for their home in heaven will go to extraordinary lengths to avoid dying.  Perhaps it is the same line of thinking that causes me to want to be slim even as I am sitting here munching a bit of  New Orleans King Cake. (Thank You Youngest Child, it is absolutely delish!)

   This morning after a few hours of rain our creek, usually low in winter, was positively roaring.  Lilly went out for a romp and I thought I'd share her pleasure with you all.  It was perfect timing as I'd just washed the bedding yesterday so there was a fresh clean bedspread to lie on when she came inside.

******Rats!  Rats,rats,rats!!!   I've tried five times to download the film of Lilly and the creek and it won't.  Even though I've done this lots of times before.
     If you wish to see it, hop on over to my Facebook page where it downloaded easy peasy in less time than it takes to tell about it.

    Me and modern technology. Oy.


  1. I love it that you have a bunny mixed in with your chickens.

  2. You would think they'd be skitterish about each other, but they aren't at all. It sure surprised me!


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