Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Random Pleasures

   Having been gently reprimanded by half my children for completely neglecting my bloggery I have come here to repent. My lame excuses are three: Firstly, I am very slowly adjusting to having an actual 40 hour a week job, which means there are 40 hours each week when I am not writing, nor even thinking about writing. Secondly, we have had three weeks of temperatures in the high 90's to 100's range and it is too darn hot to think at all. Thirdly, I forget what the third excuse was. There may have been something about not remembering where the camera is.

   I have been specifically requested to tell stories about Aunt Madeline and Aunt Marian. I will do that when I can remember some.

   In an effort to give my adoring audience something to look at and think about in the meantime, I herewith present some pictures and some explanatory text of original and extemporaneous thought.
This is the cover of what I call my colorbook.  It began life as an interior decorating book by Dorothy Rodgers who was the wife of Richard Rodgers the famous songwriter. No relation at all to my father and his sister of the same names.  It is a thick book with lots of illustrations one or two of which I like. It also has hundreds of pages of lovely heavy paper, suitable to be colored or painted on and pasted to.
Which naturally brings us to leaves cut and colored from a stack of dilapidated choir music for the purpose of pasting them into my colorbook. 

this is as good a time as any to open the book and show the entry page to this odd volume of randomnicity. It is not a book with an overall scheme, it is just a place to play with images, colors, and anything else that strikes my fancy.
This included cutting out an entire page I didn't care for, slicing it into strips and weaving it into another page I wasn't keen on. Probably this was more fun to do than it is to look at. Lots of things are like that. Making soup and giving birth come to mind. Also dog washing.
Awhile back some nice person on Ebay sold a vintage Sunshine Family,although not to me. These were Mattel Toys nod to the back-to-the-land movement of the 60's-70's. Papa Steve seems to have lost his burgundy turtleneck sweater, olive trousers and  stout brown boots. Doesn't he look cheerful in wife Stephie's little apron? Reminds me of a scene from the romantic comedies of my childhood.  As a current back-to-the-land person I confess my wardrobe bears a strong resemblence to Stephie, but The Manimal clothes himself not at all like this particular Steve. For which the Saints be praised!

This lovely lady is my new computer screen background.  She's also my fashion icon.  I admire her carefree hairstyle, her colorful dress and her perky and functional apron. She shares my fondness for colorful socks and simple flat shoes as well. I do think she needs a pocket.

It is time to feed a certain puppy and get some sleep before dawn. Another fun filled day of custodial work awaits me.  I will use my scrubbing time to try and remember stories. Ok?


  1. Your colorbook is nifty-spiffy. Talk about cheap thrills!

    That Raggedy Ann is a style icon: bold pattern-mixing, statement sleeves, minimalist beauty... her bemused smile is a bonus.

    Unsolicited Writing Prompts:

    What are your earliest memories of Aunt Madeline? Your latest?
    What did Aunt Madeline look like?
    What did you two do together?
    How old was she during your childhood?
    What was her childhood like? Her marriage?
    How would you describe Aunt Madeline's personality? What made her special to you?
    Did Aunt Madeline ever give you life advice? If so, what was it?
    Are there any surviving pictures of Aunt Madeline?

  2. Hurrah! Good to hear from you. Okay. I'm all ears. Who the heck is Aunt Madeleine?

    1. Aunt Madeine, aka Aunt Mag, is my daddy's middle sister, and my all time favorite aunt (out of 11 contenders). She died when I was quite young, thereby becoming a family legend. I'm hoping to get pics of her from my brother so I can illustrate a blog post about her.


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