Thursday, December 22, 2011

Thankful Thursday, the abbreviated version

1-I'm thankful The Manimal goes back to work tomorrow. I don't get anything done when he has a day off to work at home. At least it feels that way. Do women with retired husbands ever get anything done?

2-I'm thankful Middle Child and her handsome mate are recovering rapidly from a nasty incident of food poisoning which got their holiday trip off to a less than jolly start.

3-I'm thankful if they had to get food poisoning at least they were driving instead of stuck in an airplane.  And also that they're now safely at his terrific mum's house where they can get some TLC.

4-I'm thankful our "spare" bantam roosters will soon be nourishing a friend's family instead of roosting on our front porch and making shrill noises at all hours of the day and night. And I'm verrrrrry thankful I don't have to do the killing or butchering or cooking or eating of them.

5-I'm thankful my One and Only Brother is coming up to Eldest Daughter's house this weekend. He lives far away and we seldom have a chance for a visit, so this will be a treat. I shall be there Sunday morning with bells on.

6-I'm thankful The Manimal's One and Only Sister and her hubs are coming to our house this weekend.  His Middle son and The Girlfriend are also planning to come join us. Eldest son and Youngest son are still trying to alter schedules and make travel arrangements, so pending........(taps foot impatiently.....)

7-I'm thankful the loud crash upstairs didn't wake The Manimal. House rabbits are thought of as quiet pets, but ours are a bit riotous at times. I think when we're all out of the room the two of them play mosh pit.

8-I'm thankful I only have two rabbits.

9-I'm thankful the plaster is finally dry in the pot of my holiday tree. Tomorrow I'll decorate it.

The plaster is poured, the branch is in place. I had no idea this would take 2 days to dry. I think the plaster I found in the tool room must have been past its use-by date.

Garlands of handmade paper beads from old Hannukah wrapping paper. I'm hoping they look gorgeous draped from branch to branch.
 The Tree, such as it is.  I painted it with chrome spray paint I had leftover from a giant fork sculpture I did years ago. Apart from the shininess it has a certain Charlie Brown Christmas earnestness about it.

10-I'm thankful for homemade bread, a fairly regularly occuring blessing in my life. Yum.

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