Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Because I'm Thankful

     I have decided to enter the blog world, because I'm thankful for a lot of things, and I need a way to remind myself of that on a regular basis.

     We are now well into something they've started calling The Great Recession. This means there's not a lot of spare money floating around for 99% of us. It means a lot of us, myself included, have been without a "real job" for quite some time with no sign of one on the horizon.

     I've called myself Rapunzel here, reclaiming the nickname of my long-gone long-haired childhood.
    Although I'm not locked in a tower like the fairytale Rapunzel, and my life is hardly a fairy talem, I do live in the aproximate middle of nowhere, in a forest, and I seldom get to town where there are people. Although jobless, or "currently self-unemployed" I have a home and warm food in my belly thanks to The Manimal, for whom I'm Very Thankful.  Although mostly short of human contact I have the dear and peculiar internet (thanks to The Satellite) and also two dogs, two cats, two bad rabbits and two flocks of chickens.

   My Grand Plan for myself, in starting this blog, is to document my creative and thrifty doings, and my random and possibly ill-advised thoughts.(I'm happiest when I'm making things, and a talking to a blog is cheaper than talking to a psychiatrist.)

   Being without a job leaves me without a regular income, but I am decidedly not without resources. I'm half a century old and although I wish for the life of a minimalist and regularly declutter, the fact is I still have lots and lots of stuff.
    I also come from a longstanding family tradition of pack-rattery and reinvention. My parents were brought up in The Great Depression, a time of Great Creativity. They always told me "We were poor but we didn't know we were poor, because everyone was."

   It is time for me to use the skills handed down to me from my family.  If I can't find a paying job I can at least find some ways to make a better life right where I am. Somehow.
 My intention is to put my mind to what I can make or remake from what I've got on hand, and to record here whatever successes or failures result from my efforts.

   As I've recently downsized around my middle, my first project here is to make-over some clothes to fit me, thereby keeping the chill off and keeping myself decent Without Cash Outlay.
   Somebody out there wish me luck?

   --- <3  Rapunzel


  1. Good luck! I hear you about blogging being cheaper than therapy. I think sewing does way more for my mental health than a psychiatrist ever could. I look forward to reading about your creative and thrifty adventures.

  2. Camelia C, I've admired your blog from afar and am tickled to see you here. Come back anytime.


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